The Crew

Friends for the Long Haul

Quinn Lanzon was born in Yellowknife on May 24, 1989. This November, over beers in Whistler with Will Cadham, Quinn suggested the “brilliant” idea of returning to his birthplace by bike. The second the ride was proposed, there was no backpedalling.

Word of the ride quickly spread to the rest of the crew who grew up riding and racing mountain bikes at Camp Fortune, Québec, though most now call the Sea to Sky corridor home. Overnight, their numbers swelled from 2 to 4, as Mark Taylor and Matt Tirrell jumped on the party wagon. 

Right away, more enthusiasts joined the ranks from Whistler, as Braedyn Kozman, Huw Thomas and David Kenworthy all signed up in late 2018.

Then, on an impromptu weekend ski trip only 90 days prior to the ride, lifelong friends and fellow Camp Fortune boys Alex Conlon and Jamie Blades sacked up and bought one-way flights from Yellowknife back to Ottawa, the very next day. There was no turning back.

The crew was assembled and training began in earnest. It’s important to note that only one of the 9 riders actually owned a road bike upon joining the ride. But we’re all mountain bikers, road biking has got to be super easy. Right?

Finally, following along in his trusty Honda Element will be our friend and filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn. He knows this is probably going to be worth documenting.

Quinn Lanzon

“The paint don’t make it go.”

Will Cadham

“I eat chips all the time.”

Alex Conlon

“Math is the coolest.”

Mark Taylor

“For sure, man.”

Jamie Blades

“Dude, I think I’ve got the craziest idea ever.”

Matthew Tirrell

“You should really try making your own bread.”

Braedyn Kozman

“For sure you can do that.”

Huw Thomas

“I’m a farrier, not a fairy.”

David Kenworthy

“The sky’s the limit.”

Graeme Meiklejohn

“People are super dumb.”